Spinning Words into Golden Tales

Long buried secrets … Adventure and intrigue, struggle and hope set in the deepest caverns beneath the foothills of an alien world … Enter Blaas Rakendo, heir to his grandfather’s collection of papers, books, photographs, relics, and ability to dream walk.

Brash and impatient, sixteen-year-old Rakendo believes he has all the answers, or at least he knows where to find them, even if they’re in a locked file at Council headquarters. Too bad the Council Leader hates him. It would be a lot easier to unravel the secret behind his inheritance if she would stop hassling him. It wasn’t his fault trouble stuck to him like a leech. But Rakendo soon realizes his problems with the Council Leader are insignificant when two archaeology students die under mysterious circumstances and two others disappear.

In response, Rakendo’s summer internship at the Lysian archaeology site is suspended, and he and his team are charged with the task of safeguarding the transfer of artifacts the students discovered to the Archives. All goes well until the team discovers they are under surveillance. The bombing of a public transport station and murder of a leading archaeologist further undermines the Archaeology program's efforts to protect Aresti's cultural heritage.

Haunted by visions of his grandfather, messages from the Ancients, and waking dreams of unknown ancestors, Rakendo strives to uncover the identity of the fanatic behind the wave of terror gripping his world. But even if he succeeds, will anyone on the Council believe him? And what about the Leader? What would she do with the information?