First in a grammar and composition series for 6- to 11-year-olds, The Word Collector  is ideal for traditional classroom and home-school settings. Written and illustrated in a style that captures and keeps students’ interest, the story encourages a love of language—and a willingness to help others—as it reviews the four main parts of speech: noun, verb, adverb, and adjective.

For kids age 4 and up:

Add to your word-collecting and sharing fun with coloring and puzzle activities based on Priscilla’s debut adventure, The Word Collector.

Praise for The Word Collector:

I liked how it was a story going along with it as it teaches you new words. And for kids that don't understand friendship it teaches them that too! 
(Levi, age 9)

The author is first and foremost an excellent story teller. I loved the story line about the power of words and the illustrations are wonderful. The soft voice the author uses to pronounce the words is very soothing to the ears. Priscilla is the cutest ostrich I have ever seen, especially when she sticks her head in the sand! I just love her! I highly recommend this book - your children will learn and fall madly in love with Priscilla! 
(MaryAnn Touchette)

Priscilla is a word collector. She collects all sorts of words. The problem is, although Priscilla collects lots of words, all she does is write them in large notebooks.

She never, ever shares her words.

And because of this, she never, ever makes friends. She wants to make friends, but she doesn’t know how.

She needs help.  But who can help her?

Read Priscilla’s adventure with word collecting to find out how she solves her problem, and, in the process, discovers how to use the words she has collected.

Perfect companion for grammar lessons! Strengthens the concept of parts of speech while teaching life lessons about sharing and making friends. My grandson loved the story, as well as the gorgeous illustrations throughout - Priscilla is so adorable! This would be a wonderful tool for traditional teachers or home-school teachers to reinforce nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs lessons!  (Caroline Reichard, author Between Shadow's Ears)

As a homeschooling mom, I found  The Word Collector to be the best combination of a sweet story and an effective learning tool. My son and daughter loved following Priscilla's journey to build friendships and use her words. This is a beautiful picture book that aids in learning verbs, nouns, adverbs, and adjectives. Great for a child's nightstand or a teacher's bookshelf! Do yourself a favor and grab one for the kiddos and the teachers in your life.  (Donna Marie Tyree)

For logophiles and lexophiles everywhere – a Language Arts workbook featuring Priscilla and her collection of words from her debut adventure, The Word Collector. Join Priscilla and friends and solve puzzles, complete worksheets, answer writing prompts, and write sentences. Develop your own word lists, and create and illustrate your own stories. Then, like Priscilla, share your words and stories with others.

 Drawn from lessons and materials used in the classroom, the workbook is designed to complement traditional textbooks with focused activities aligned with Virginia and Common Core Language Arts standards.

Spinning Words into Golden Tales